About us


Since its foundation in 1999, the Cosy Brass Quartet makes a firm choice for the saxhorn instrumentation (two cornets, tenor horn, and euphonium).  Indeed, this set up allows for a more flexible and expressive manner of music making than the well-established brass quartet approach.

From the very outset, critics qualify the performance of the Cosy Brass Quartet as surprisingly invigorating and ‘pleasant’ in the genre.  

This does not pass unnoticed at international highly acclaimed contests where the Cosy Brass Quartet is successful in making a name for itself; they notably make strong appearances at the following championships:

  • Winner “International Ensemble an Soloist contest” Kerkrade (the Netherlands) 2004,2006
  • Winner “British Open Solo and Quartet Championships” Manchester (UK) 2004, 2008
  • Best Brass-Ensemble, 3rd price overall “Concorso Pietro Argento” (Italy) 2015

Displaying its musical flexibility, the Cosy Brass Quartet regulary participates in various shows and television programmes in both Belgium and the Netherlands.  (e.g. KRO Channel, VRT, Klara)

Cosy Brass Quartet‘s first CD ” Acquaintance” was widely well received and was selected by the Flemish Classical Radio Klara for its yearly “best of” -list.

The Cosy Brass Quartet can of course be booked for a wide range of celebrations, going from smaller and full concerts, over weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, inaugurations, to corporate events.